Book Review: The Silent Sister – Diane Chamberlain

The Silent Sister by  Diane Chamberlain

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Publisher: St. Matins Press

Published: January 1st 2014

Pages: 343

Riley MacPherson has lived her whole life believing her older sister, Lisa, killed herself as a teen. This shaped the lives of her, her brother, and both of her parents. Now, more than twenty years later, her father has died and she has to go back to her hometown and clean out his house. While cleaning out the house she meets people she didn’t know were a part of her fathers life and finds out that her father had been hiding a huge secret from her since she was two years old: Lisa is alive. After discovering the truth about what happened all those years ago she must decide how to proceed and deal with the mess that she created along the way.


Kearston’s Thoughts

I had never read a Diane Chamberlain novel before The Silent Sister. For me the novel started out a bit slow, but it picked up very quickly. Once the book started to flow it kept going until the very last page.

“Growing up in a household where something is terribly wrong, you feel the weight of that mysterious something even though it’s unspoken. It eats at you. Confuses you. It leaves you wondering if your view of the world will ever make sense.”  

The characters in this book were very important. Everything about Riley from her career to the way she thinks has been based on the idea that her sister committed suicide. When her whole world is turned upside down we see her grow into a completely different person.

The only other character I felt a connection to was Lisa. Danny and Jeannie seemed to be very undeveloped and unchanging to me. They were very static throughout the novel and hard to connect with.

“No matter how many people care about you, she thought, if you can’t be open with them about who you truly are, you’re still alone.”

This book had a lot of strong points, but it did have a few things that could have been better. However The Silent Sister portrays a very good message about not letting your past control who you are.




I give The Silent Sister 3/5 cats

(Cats is the rating system that I will be using because who doesn’t love cats)